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Who are we?

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There wasn’t a chance to talk about us yet. Well, meanwhile the whole aura of preparation, settlement and closing some of issues before our trip, we just didn’t have time though. Most of you haven’t met us yet, but those who did, know that we do not like talk and write about ourselves. This blog is not created to talk much about us (also little in the tab ABOUT US), but about our adventures. It is to serve you as a guide, source of information, which you will not find in any guide book!

Yeah, but we can’t be so humble! We will provide you a little bit of pleasure and fan, while reading ABOUT US – One Way 2 Freedom.



Ewelina (known as Malina) – an only child, it surprises everyone, except her. She graduated at University of Wroclaw (oh when it was), a journalist (everybody reacts to this word with a fascination, she shrugs and smiles) specialist of Public Relations, a certified teacher of English (TEFL). After many vicissitudes of her life, she does not have to prove to anybody that she is happy because it is clear to see. There is nothing better than to make your dreams come true. She used to live in many countries, including Scotland and Norway. After obtaining her Master’s degree she was applying for study in Denmark (perhaps too much), but her destiny chose a different path, and that’s why she landed in sunny Italy, called Bel Paese for 2 years. There she accomplished her few-month internship Leonardo (EU project) and she got a job at Giorgio Armani, and thus became a slave to one of the private and Italian financial institutions, as a specialist of Web Marketing (supposed to be a dozen words, and here the book is going to be written , yes it is my modesty and enthusiasm for writing). An active sportsgirl (remember not passive!) – a day without training is a lost day. Constantly learning foreign languages ​​and still its not enough. A child techno music and she talks about it openly, but unfortunately some people confuse the idea well. To talk about adventure is too obvious! The question is what else she didn’t do and where she didn’t work yet is a very common question to make to her- never too much experience! And now she is a blogger and writes about adventure.


Marco (for friends KAFU) – sometimes too modest. Italiano – vero! Still pizza pizza, pasta pasta, gelato and AC Milan! Trained as an electrician, but never worked in mentioned profession. He speaks more often in dialect than the official Italian. In 2011, he quited his job, packed his backpack and flew to Australia, alone without knowing the language. He just says that his favorite, top city is Sydney. After he came back with sadness on his face (almost expiered visa), he made several trips around Europe and found work as a software developer – couldn’t aimed better. Before our expedition he tried to quit his job, but did not succeed (at least he tried) and he works from ‘home’. He loves Coldplay, soccer, night playing poker and backpacker’s life.


Well let’s move to the starting point. How did we meet? What can I say? Couchsurfing connected us. Do you know what it is? Who does not know, have a quick look and set up your own profile. It is a great initiative, for those who want to improve languages, meet people from all over the world, talk about culture, show city or just eat breakfast with someone. So exactly how it was in our case. Wrocław, September 2012, meeting at the bus stop, wonderful autumn weather, raining, oh really raining! Marco was wearing hoody, he didn’t have an umbrella. I offered breakfast in my apartment. Suddenly, it turned out he had brought my favorite cookies from Norway (but didn’t steal my heart because of them). The conversation went on, the topics winded up, we had a lot in common. A few hours passed in a moment, I had to go to work, Marco needed to go to the airport and return to Italy. We both felt that lovely breakfast is just the beginning of our relationship.We were looking for cheap flights, several meetings and butterflies in our stomach more and more. That feeling that you have found such a passionate mate as you are, even though we come from other countries, we speak the same language, which is understood just by us. We started to plan our holiday – BALKAN TRIP. Monthly tour through the incredible countries, full of extremes, high temperature and various food (differently at times). We slept in very different conditions, some craps with hostels, minor accidents – nothing was able to divide us.

After our trip to the Balkans, we returned to Italy and so I (Ewelina) started the next phase of my life and struggles with the Italian bureaucracy for another 2 years. Maybe (one day) I will write a book. We visited amazing places in Italy that are not able to beat any American or Australian once – they will always be ours and we will come back to them. Two years of my stay in Italy certainly has taught us humility, it was not easy – because of job, it was not easy – because of Polish girl in Italy – what’s she doing here? The clash with reality, but you go straight ahead and do not give them show that something was wrong, a smile on face and strasympathy emanating from you. You think to yourself, do not get give up, you know, what you want to achieve. It’s just that sometimes your hands fall and lack of strength, willingness and patience appear. Living in Italy was for us a good lesson, we got to know our advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses, but still we were supporting each other and always thinking as WE, not ME. After all, it was a really great time.


Now we are creating the next chapter of our life and still we are getting to know each other, and this is it. There is no monotony! And why did we decided to travel around America (if around the world, we don’t know yet), you will find out soon!


If you have any questions about our adventure, write to us: contact@oneway2freedom.com
Visit our Facebook fan page.

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