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What you absolutely must-see and do in Fortaleza

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Brazil – a country of contrasts and corruption, athletic men and shaped women, delicious food, but also fat, mountain of wastes on the streets and the simple life. Brazil is not only a country of beautiful beaches and the Amazon, but also of crowded and traffic cities where public transport system operates without timetables.
Once we would like to write a lot, but we don’t know what to start from . It’s just the first week, and a few adventures have been already written into our diary.
After our adventure with lost luggage that did not arrive with us to Fortaleza – it probably got stuck in Prague – but fortunately after 3 days we got it back, we have prepared a brief guide of Fortaleza.
1) At the first evening is necessary to try a typical dish of tapioca prepared in several ways unforgettable flavors and drink refrigente de Cajú.

2) Praia do Futuro – which is a very wide beach compared with European beaches. Brasilians do not sunbath. The beach is a place where they m with friends or family. They have a rest at tables under umbrellas while enjoying food such as crabs or drinking water from a coconut or a cold beer. If you are there, get used to it, you’ll be attacked by local sales, who will youp push gadgets or food: candies, shrimps, etc.

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3) Sunset on the bridge – Ponte dos Ingleses. There come a lot of young people. An ideal place for romantics. Nearby you will find several bars and at the weekends you can see and hear live samba.


4) Cumbuco – a place where regins the kite surfing . The town is just from Fortaleza approx. 30 km. You can also find several bars where food is served straight from the housewife.

5) Samba – is an opportunity to hear the lyrical samba, played by a group of several, but also a group of 40-50 people. It’s like the show and performance at the same time. The weekend is the best time to find the place at which the samba is played. Often, the entrance is free, just buy something to drink. During the concert of samba you meet people of all ages for whom music is extremely important, dance, body and soul, on their face is drawing a smile, and on Europeans body shivers appear.

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6) Urban market – the Mercado Central, where you can find everything! From food to curtains, shoes, screws and so on.


7) 50 Sabores – ice cream shop, where you can taste all the flavors of ice cream (and there are more than the name suggests). After several tastings no longer have the power to order ice cream, to which you wanted, but you won’t refuse. 🙂 Nothing is able to defeat Italian ice cream, although one must admit that the Brazilian ice cream is good too.

8) Shrimps at the beach. Fresh and prepared on a complex order. If you are a seafood lover, you can not deny myself this pleasure.
9) The bus ride, where tickets are sold at cashier sitting on the armchair. Immediately upon entering the bus it is necessary to go to the cashier. Do not be surprised, as you will not get a ticket – you pay the fare approx. 2.60 R$, but there is no paper version of the ticket. There is no also timetable – it’s just abstraction.
10) Kite surfing – especially for fans of extreme sports. Summer all year round and a favorable wind.


We decided to stay longer in Brazil – it will be Fortaleza, so there’s still much to discover and explore.
Soon a post about Brazilian cuisine.


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