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List of things to take on your trip

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In  a few hours we are leaving to South America. We are flying to Fortaleza (Brazil), and there we are gonna stop for a few days.

In this text we want to focus on things that in our opinion are the most important. We emphasize:  IN OUR OPINION.

And the journey certainly will verify what is really necessary and irreplaceable!


Below you will find a list of the things we have bought during last months, taking into consideration their practical usage:

1) Backpack

We don’t know for how long we’re going. One of us had to buy a new backpack. We have chosen: Quechua SYMBIUM ACCESS 50 + 10L FEMALE.

2) Handy backpack

Friendly Swede – you can find it on Amazon. Certainly it is useful for small trips. It doesn’t need much space, and when it’s open is enough for 2 people.


3) Sleeping bag

Quechua Light, 185 cm max,  by  15 °C degrees, but in the opinion of many travelers it is also ideal for lower temperatures.


4) Sheet

Quechua, 100% cotton, max. 190 cm length. You can put it also into a sleeping bag.


5) Air pillow

Quechua – for us more comfortable than the headrest.

DSCN0086 DSCN0091

6) Hammock

Quechua –  up to 110 kg. It is perfect for a nap or a rest on the “wild” beach.


7) Beach towels

Called  turkish towels. Very light and thin.  Perfectly for long trips.  You can buy them on e-bay.


8) Money belt

We put it on under pants, shorts, dress. It is thin and very light. You will fit in it credit cards, passports and some money.


9) Thin belt

Other type of belt,  into which you put some notes and coins. It has the opening from the inner.


10) Padlocks

Always handy to protect your backpack or lockers when you travel, you will be using it, e.g. in hostels.


11) Wash bag

Jack Wolfskin. We had the opportunity to test some and we think this one works best. It is solid and you can adjust its size and hang it in the bathroom or room. Also purchased on Amazon for approx.  12 Euros.


12) Plastic plates and cutlery

Quechua. Always yours – you never know when they will save your life.


13) UV Water Purifier

Camelbak. You no longer have to buy water in the store, which in fact is not so cheap overseas. Find out more on: http://www.camelbak.com/en/Sports-Recreation/Purification/Faq/faq.aspx


14) Dry bag

Friendly Swede.  It’s not dry at all, but it is magical. As it turns out, you can wash clothes in it, nay, it can also be used for other functions. Here is one of the videos, which explains how to use it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qv4qA7-Tjgk


15) Power Bank

This is useful during the 20-hour journey, or “in the middle of nowhere”,  where you do not have access to electricity.


16) Wall charger

If you want to charge phones, camera, tablet, etc. – just one device, like wall charger is enough, you don’t need 10 chargers ;).  Perhaps the trip will be limited to a single contact.


17) Waterproof and wind stopper jacket (2in1)

Quechua – several colors to choose from. It will be useful also for a trip to the mountains.


We don’t mention about the pharmacy, documents (necessity), clothes and shoes, which of course we select at the discretion.

And yesterday packing in the women’s issuance looked like in the picture. What to take, of which it is only a quarter of my (Ewelina’s) wardrobe.

I must admit that men don’t have these problems. However, you should think carefully about what is necessary and what do not hinder your life while traveling.


Next post from Brazil!

Keep your fingers crossed!

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