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Our adventure in a week

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A few words about our travel

It has come a moment to share with you some details about our adventure. You are making a lot of questions and now we are answering you:

How come was born an idea about your travel?
We met in Wrocław, after my (Ewelina’s)come- back from Norway and Marco’s from Australia. From the beginning we felt we have a lot in common and we knew that earlier or later the moment, when we pack our backpacks and head out on our adventure together, will come. Marco is always an initiator of our travels, even those small once and he doesn’t need to convenience me for a long time.  In the bank where I used to work in Italy, they didn’t extend my contract, but we had our plan B like traveling to South America – Spanish language, culture, people, cuisine and nature inspire us.  I remember when I was a little girl, I always dreamt about seeing how Peruvians or Argentineans live, and listen to live “latino” music. And probably still I cannot imagine that some of these dreams are going to make come true.

– When are you leaving?
From today exactly in one week, 2nd of October, 2015. This date certainly will be saved in the history of our relationship. From Prague. We have a  flight with a change in Frankfurt am Main.
– How long does your flight last?
Scheduled 9 hours from Frankfurt.
– What is your first stop?
We are coming to Fortaleza, in Brazil and we are going to stay there for a few days. We would like to have a rest after our flight and acclimatize in the country, but nobody says our plans will change and we will go directly close to Jericoacoara Beach.
– For how long are you going there?
We have one way ticket; we really don’t want to be time limited.  While traveling it can happen everything. From South America we will be heading out to Central and North America. Perhaps, we will stop in one country for a while, even  fora few months.
– How much did you pay for your flight?
Marco has found an awesome offer for around 330 euros/person. An interesting thing is that the flight from Franfkurt was more expensive.
– Where will you be sleeping?
We have a huge sentiment to Couchsurfing. Well, we met via CS. Our adventure with Couchsurfing has lasted already over 4 years, because of it we met a lot of wonderful, interesting people, who always have a lot of stories to tell. If not Couchsurfing, then we will sleep in hostels or on the beach. 🙂
– Is your trip planned at all?
Well, to be honest, we haven’t planned a lot. Actually, nothing at all. We are arriving to Fortaleza and we will see what desires will lead us and where.
Are you going to work while traveling?
Marco has already his previous job as a software developer. I (Ewelina) have a TEFL and Teaching Business English certificate and I am gonna look for a job at language schools or companies.
What countries are you going to visit?
Our first point on the map is Brasil. There is no doubt we will go to Paraguay, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and many others.
Have you been vaccinated?
Yes, we have. Hepatitis A, Thyphoid fever, Yellow fever. If you have an opportunity to do it abroad – don’t think too much! It costs less there than in Poland. We did them in Italy.
– Did you do an insurance?
We have found an interesting option on the World Nomads (click), which you can buy even one day before your departure and you can extend it whenever you want.
– Are you taking backpacks or suitcase with wheels?
Backpacks, of course. We are not tourist at all, but backpackers. The backpack gives you more comfort during your long adventure.
If you have any questions, write us: contact@oneway2freedom.com, we will write you back asap.

Be watchful, next post: What are we taking for our travel?

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