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Mexico, which we hadn’t expected before. People, who have stolen our heart, a city with a soul, culture of paradoxes that you will love.

It has lasted some time since we left Monterry after our 5-week stay there and actually we have never told you what happened that after over 2-week adventure in Brazil we needed to plan our ‘action’, which totally didn’t depend on us, so we landed in Mexico for longer.

One way 2 freedom w Meksyku


If it didn’t depend on us, so depened on whom? Surely, not every of you had time to read more and get to know that one of us works while traveling. Permament cash injection when you travel is an advantage. Quiting job ended up with another offer of job – from home. Read more ABOUT US here.
Marco received a project proposal in one of the Mexican companies. He worked on software of huge fornace, which produces glass, including bottles of Heineken beer. From time to time during our expedition such deals gonna happen that will stop us for a long time in one place.


Backpackers’ life changed for the luxury – quite unexpectedly – from one day to another. Hotel became our temporary home, and restaurants from, which we used to select, became places, where we were having lunch or dinner without paying attention to the prices of dishes from the menu. Room service, daily bed linen changed and cleaning the room. I admit that I felt strange. Myself as a student of the first year of the university once worked in the hotel and I had that job in front of my eyes that I did with great reluctance, but I appreciate everyone who works as a blue collar workes, even for little money. The application Uber saved our life in this whole urban chaos and danger that lurks in the green taxis.
We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Constitucion Oriente Street, exactly in the city center. Location was very convenient to reach Marco’s work place and even for having evening walks or meetings with friends. Standard rooms good, but not excellent. The hotel was clean compared Latin standards. Fresh food, without any limit, especially breakfast. People from the stuff were super kind.
Marco worked on the mentioned project, and I most of my spare time dedicated to our blog that you are reading right now. I have to admit that writing texts and working with social media is very time-consuming, like full-time job, but the results are equally satisfying. 🙂
The hotel has a swimming pool and gym, so all mornings I used to workout to strengthen my back to carry the dozen kilograms or so of the backpack (joke). At last, I returned to learn Spanish, working in tandem with Mexican guy Alex. I have never thought I would learn Spanish using Italian, but…


The first day in Monterrey, and I was wondering how to make new friends. I didn’t wait a lot, I just switched on machine of Couchsurfing, I wrote to only one person – Miriam, and a moment later I received a reply. Exchange of our numbers, Whatsapp, organizing the first meeting and not the last!
It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. It doesn’t happen very often to meet such a generous and warm people … Wednesday, we are waiting in front of the hotel, one girl came to us, who didn’t look like Miriam, she told our names, greeted us warmly, and on the other hand there was coming a brunette girl, who was more similar to Couchsurfer that we should have met. What was going on? Well, the first girl who greeted us was Andrea, Miriam’s friend, also an active Couchsurfer. The evening out with two girls and their friend, a few stories, sharing our travel experiences, but we both admitted that we felt like we’d known each other for years.


It’s the weekend, and the girls took us for a birthday party, which was organized on the terrace of apartment, where we saw one of the best views of the urban agglomeration. Lighting town surrounded by mountains was breathtaking. During the first event we met a lot of people, half the names we don’t even remember. Since then we often organized lunches and dinners, including the Polish and Italian meals, but to our surprise we also had the opportunity to try homemade Korean dishes and Mexican barbecue, the taste of which we have felt so far. Visiting museum, fair of antiques, evening jacuzzi, walking, cycling, having fun with hula-hoop, games, Sunday trips out of the city and integration events will never be erased from our memory. We have learnt a lot, girls carried us through several routes of their wonderful culture – Miriam, Andrea, Evelyn – we are just talking about you! Muchas gracias!!!


Cultural mixVisit at the museum



Monterrey is the richest city not only in Mexico, but also in Latin America, situated in the north-eastern part of the country, in the state of Nuevo Leon, at the foot of the Sierra Madre mountains, often called “Sultan of the North”. The world’s largest corporations have their headquarters here. In Monterrey you don’t feel like in Mexico, but more like in the US. From Monterrey to Texas it’s only 2,5 hour-way by car. You can see the contrast: poor neighborhoods and beautiful villas, old cars and luxury cars, private clinics and shiny shopping centers because of the rich lighting, which usually are investments of Americans.


1. Mount Cerro de la Silla, which is the symbol of the city.
2. Museum of Contemporary Art, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (free entrance on Wednesdays). Changing of exhibitions – every few months. In the museum there is a charming shop with hand-made and hand-craft referring to local traditions and icons of the country.

garnitury latarnia morska

lustra krzywe linie

3. Palacio de Gobierno, or palace of the local government.
4. Fundidora Park, which has much to offer, including theme parks, museums, restaurants, modernized buildings of the previous industrial part, tour boat from the Paseo de Santa Lucia, cultural forums, concerts, bike rentals and rollerblades.
park fundidora

spacer w parku fundidora

5. Palacio del Obispado, where you see the statue of our Pope John Paul II.
6. La Basilica del Roble, built in honor of the saint patron of the Archdiocese of Monterrey.

bazylika robel w monterrey wnetrzne bazyliki roble

Monterrey is not only a business center that attracts thousands of people to do business, but it is also a great place for people, who want to spend an active holiday. There are hiking trails, hidden lakes and waterfalls, caves, you can go mountain climbing, and thus enjoy delicious Mexican dishes (not just spicy with a lot of sauces) in the exclusive restaurants, but it tastes even better in the street that you cannot miss in Mexico. The most famous dish of the region is cabrito asado, what is roasted baby goat.


1. National Park Cascada Cola de Caballo (waterfall) – the best way to reach the place by car.

wodospad cola de caballo

2. Cave of Garcia (Gruta de Garcia) – also we recommend to get there by car.

widok z gruta de garcia

stalaktyty stalagmity


– The local currency is PESOS
– Cheap and crazy green taxi (remember that even a taxi driver can rob you), ride of 5-7 km costs about 2 euros
– Pompously and with fantasy female’s celebration of 15th birthday, which ends with the organization of party for 300 people, a photo session and buying expensive dress, more here
– Driving course doesn’t exist; to take an exam Mexicans are practising on the field-forest road with their parents
– Pharmacist could be anyone; in their country there is no such a course of study, in the Mexican pharmacy you can buy even potato chips or ice cream.

Another experience that has taught us a lot and has provided many unforgettable experiences.

Mexico we will be back!

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