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szalona andrea

It is not impossible to not notice her energy and to not hear her loud laugh, which infects. 🙂 She comes from city bordering with Nogales Arizona (USA), but we met in Monterrey, where she used to work and study for more than 6 years. She is from the average of stable family. Her parents worked really hard, so during her high school education she could go to the United States and spend a year, learning in the American school and living with the American family. Andrea has an unique, nice, distinctive voice, which certainly is her flagship, and her English is so good, with characteristic American accent. As me, she studied journalism and social communication and worked as Web Marketing Specialist (yes, we have so much in common…). In Monterrey she experienced many bad situations, but also good once. Unfortunately in 2014 she was a victim of police corruption and commonly saying she would have disappeared from this world. In this whole misfortune she had also so much luck, about which you can read, here and now:

“I live in a wonderful country where its people, its fruits, its culture, even its colors are unbelievable rich, but also it has the worst system, corruption has taken peace away, people, and 2 years ago almost took my life away, for reasons I still don’t fully comprehend. We see everything on social media, what is happening live right in the other side of the continent or the world, we’re lucky to share this information and to keep ourselves alert from whats going on. We share all this by taking pictures, videos, snapchats etc., we share the good but also bad information in order (I guess) to get the feeling that you’re not alone, that there are also people that are against certain things or situations.

In October 2014 I recorded a couple of cops that were not only doing right their job, but also were pretty disrespectful to me. The thing is that a truck almost rolled me over (I ran fast enough to avoid it), the cops watched the whole scene and did nothing, nor asking the driver to slow down or to make sure he wasn’t drunk, but the issue what I saw and recorded was the driver parking towards me and as he opened the door, beer cans fell off from the car. So my big felony was asking (sarcastically) if I could had empty beer cans in my car and I wouldn’t get pulled off. So I did ask that, I did record and the didn’t like it, they handcuffed me at the blink of an eye, I got arrested right in front of my ex-boyfriend’s workplace. I started screaming his name, so he could go there and help me, and he did, he’s much calm and patient than I am, he went to talk to the cops in the most polite way ever, he asked them why they had me handcuffed, what I did and what was my crime. They didn’t answer him, instead they put their handcuffs on him. The lady cop, who arrested me, took something personal of the fact that my ex-boyfriend helped me, she grabbed me by the hair and smashed my face against the window, he started to scream at them telling to stop, to stop hurting me. They never said their names, or plates number or any kind of information about who they were or why they were doing so. Well, there we were, my ex-boyfriend, (who – poor him – had nothing to do with that) me, and the cops on our way to some place that only they knew. I remember they were receiving instructions about what to do with us, it was clear <<Do whatever you feel>>, here in Mexico that means only one thing, to get rid of people, to kill them. But they didn’t, instead they were driving in circles, very fast, we didn’t know why. I remeber telling my ex that it was too bad that we were gonna die there, because I had just gotten tickets for a concert that we really wanted to go, and after that – like if I didn’t have enough – a car crush us right on the side. Everything happened very fast, they took us off of the car, ambulances and curious people were everywhere. At least we didn’t got killed, huh? Again, nobody minded to explain what was next, where were they gonna take us, or if i could make a phone call, anything. They put us in a police car again, now they were driving slowly and carefully, but my ex and I were already to beaten up and tired and sad to notice where we were going. We went to PGR, right where narcos and serial killers are processed, they made fun of us, didn’t even say <<good afternoon>>, asked my ex to take off his shoes laces and asked to put our guns over a table… I placed my phone.

A few minutes later, a tall guy came over to talk to us, finally somebody would talk to us in a polite way, he didn’t say much, just guided us to an office where we would describe what had just happened. I went first, I was sitting in front of a desk, a lady was typing everything that I said, I even corrected her with some data that she would skip, like the brand of the beer, the names of the cops and the speed they were driving, and I cried really hard, I asked her why they were now treating us well, asking myself If I was okay, if only minutes ago I had been tease, made fun of. She told me something like <<Relax, you are fine now, the doctor will check you and you’ll be going home soon, just remember, it was your fault, you are not supposed to record the authority, just don’t do it again>>. That was it, I didn’t say anything back, not because I didn’t want to, but because I didn’t feel to. That’s what happened to me: before that moment I used to think that people, who get handcuffed somehow asked for it, but not really, here in Mexico it doesn’t work that way. I was lucky to make it alive!’

This what we described, it’s just a particle of what happened to her. Quite recently, she was a witness of suicide attempt, exactly in her apartment. It was too much. 6-year stay in Monterrey was a lesson of life, but she consciously decided to experience something new. She went back to her hometown, where she is preparing to her solo female trip, probably around Europe, and who knows, maybe also she will reach Asia!? The person, who pushed her to such an action, was her mom. Our spent time with Andrea we remember as great talks, integration, intercultural meetings in her apartment. She taught us how to prepare meat in lime juice and showed us real Mexican grills. Thanks to her, we met many wonderful people and we had some trips around Monterrey. I guess we will never forget constant phrase repeated by her: ‘Ooo Mammi. Morrita!’, to her child- dog that by nature is ugly, as she says that, and yeah, it maks her an unique one.

halloween w monterrey

And how does she see the human life?

zyciowe motto Andrei

Her motto arrived to…


joao pessoa

Two different personalities. Although the one of them is older more than just a few years, but when you see how to two people communicate each other in their life, your heart is pleased. Rafael was born and grown in João Pessoa.  He comes from poor family, but what has reached so far he just appreciates it his relatives. He received what he wanted so much.

At present he is an English teacher and about his job he just speaks in superlatives – he does what he loves! He is a fan of Italy, he also surprised us about his level of Italian language and knowledge of the Italian music too. Laura Pausini is his favorite Italian singer. Besides, he is a real fan of Shakira and London, in their apartment there are many gadgets with British accent (how lovely!). Rafael starts each day from a large cup of coffee and good music. Music is his an inherent part of life.

Henrique comes from Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul,  central part of the country. He grew up in the village with nature, surrounded by beauty of vegetation and animals. He is a vegetarian. For several years he has been living and working in the tourist agency in João Pessoa, dealing with the customer service. Henrique is a peaceful romantic soul. He really wanted to spend much time with us, but unfortunately most of it he spends at work…

Our unusual, special couple, both of them speak English and Spanish very well. Their dream is the trip to Italy and atually they have started to plan their trip to Europe. Last year, the first time they went together to Argentina as backpackers, where they discovered the beauty of the country. There was a funny situation when we talked about an effective packaging backpack while traelling . Well, it is a challenge!

Couple from which we got much warmness and interests. Which dedicated to us much attention and thus shared and showed its culture, and how they live and takes adventage from the life as much as they can.

wyjatkowa para

Rafael says:

motto Rafael

motto Rafael 2

Henrique is just amazing in his life quote:

motto Henrique


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