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The first issue of our project Just Human Being, the first story and the first quotes we are sharing with you.


She has been living in Fortaleza since her birth. She works as a lawyer in one of Brazilian banks, but as it turns out her work did not bother her in organizing a few-week or a month travels as a solo female travel. She is fascinated by Europe and she often comes back there, where she has many friends who are waiting for her. She knows exactly how to find a balance between work and her personal life and hobbies. She loves hand crafts and hand made things.


Our first host, our first Couchsurfing experience in South America.
The first day of our trip, the first day in Brazil – we passed through passport control, and we were waiting for the luggage. After a while we heard a short beep and the tape stopped. Well, our luggage wasn’t there. The first thought was: ‘Where are our backpacks?’ Nobody knew. The 30-minute internet connection was over, Karla’s phone didn’t answer. Even though we were not sure if she still was waiting for us, because it was after the set up time of appointment, and we had to finalize the formalities associated with our luggage. After about 20 hours of travel we even didn’t have any strength to get angry. We entered to the main hall and here she was -waiting for us patiently! She didn’t made a thousand of questions, only she warmly welcomed us and hugged. We exchanged a few words. Karla immediately offered her help. With her support we got our luggage back within 3 days. She badgered customer office of lost luggage.
When we arrived at her apartment, she gave us clothes to change, cosmetics and towels – wihout asking. She also took us to the mall, where we could stock up with a few clothes. The second day – we were invited to her language school, where we had a chance to talk about our countries – Poland and Italy. It’s a great feeling when everybody thanks you for coming and admires your decisions and your lifestyle.

At Karla’s place you feel like at home. It doesn’t happen often be offered to stsy with someone to get to know the culture and language of a country – gratuitosly at all.

szkoła językowa

She showed us a lot – traditional food, drinks, places. Samba – particular memory – by our own certainly we wouldn’t have reached this place. She gave us many valuable suggestions, taking into account that Fortaleza is one of the most dangerous city not only in Brazil, but also in South America.




Two working parents, their little daughter and two big dogs. João is an anthropologist working at the university in São Luis. As they his friends say, he is sometimes quite critical, which does not change the fact that it is a good companion to talk about everything. Even before the birth of their daughter João and Lícya visited several European countries. At present they have been planning next trip, perhaps with a ‘greater bounce’.

brazylijska gościnność

They live in a (surprisingly) quiet neighborhood where the streets have names of the planets, it may actually be something in it. It is hard to believe that in this city we were able to free ourselves from crazy public transport, crowds, traffic jams and find refuge and calm for a while. From the very beginning we felt their Brazilian hospitality. Our arrival to São Luis shifted due to the lost-delayed luggage. There was no problem to come to their place a couple of days later. They provided us with own room and bathroom, where we had some privacy.

Already the first hours spent in their house were a sign of integration. João showed us how to make a passion fruit juice and prepared us a delicious lunch. It turned out that he also produces home made beer, which of course we tasted.


Thanks to their openness and hospitality we could have seen how Brazilian family lives. It is amazing that despite the fact they have a small child and work, they find time to host people – Couchsurfers and share with them their cultural experiences. We also met Licya’s mother who willingly used to taste our dinners and listening to conversations. The evenings were always varied of entertainments with Elis – their daughter, from whom we learned new Portuguese words, and who brought so much joy to our stay in São Luis. We even deserved to be called ‘aunt and uncle’. After we left she quickly noticed our absence and she asked their parents where we were.

Their LIFE MOTTO is:

sentencja 2

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