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There have already been one moment of truth, time for another!

Some of you know that our expedition includes an original project which we realize during our adventure. Who, what, why, how does it work? Just read below!
The initiator of the idea is Marco and I am the one who pushed it into the implementation and organization of what we needed for its realization. Well, it would seem that it’s so simple. In fact it is, and it works only if there is a HUMAN, but you never know how it’s gonna proceed.
Okay, what’s going on with the human, this word also appears in the title of the project – “HUMAN”. In this section we will tell you the story about people. What people? We will tell you about those whom we met on the road, who helped us, who have inspired us, and who will be forever in our hearts!
How does it work? Sometimes, from the beginning you feel that you have a lot to talk about with this person, or just do not have anything to talk about or you do not keep the same topics, even talking about beer or a flying bird, it doesn’t work at all.
Even before departure, we were looking for a printery to quickly fulfil our order and print our super “business card” with logo. These are not so ordinary business cards, and it is not about promotion, but to enable our participants to remember from whom came the initiative, even if they find a piece of paper in their drawer in 5 or 10 years.

Business cards in hands, they have their own place in our backpack. We’re ready! If someone gonna ask you about the initial date of the project, do not forget to answer: 2nd October, 2015, the day when we left Europe :-).
Well, we have these cards and what to do next, as we have the HUMAN too? It is not random, often they are Couchsurfers, who host us at their home, with whom we share our cultural and travel experience. They come from different families, different countries, they live in different conditions and their life has a various standard, but they have dreams, like everyone and they are not afraid to talk about them.
Dear Readers, this part of the blog will be an inspiration for you, faith in a better tomorrow and a lesson that will teach you to appreciate and enjoy what we have. Nobody is forbidden to make dreams come true, on the contrary – to deal with it! Some people need one day for quick decisions, to the other it takes a little more. Some people are more corageous than others, so do not judge, but admire! Not all of us can afford to change something from day to day, but who has said that it has to be done right away? Sometimes only one change in your life so far, can transform it forever.
We just set a baton to issue. We are mediators – we pass on life missions, ideas, goals, and even share it – soon the first stories! It’s a gift from us. You can not even imagine how sometimes just a few words “carried” in our backpack hundreds of kilometers can make a great joy to another person, wake someone’s inspiration, and turn on a tiny light. This is another example of how we are living for little things and moments.

Those, who take part in the project and receive a written quote on the “business card” by one of our chosen one, do not know each other, but soon they will have an opportunity to learn about themself a bit more, and maybe even contact if someone feels the need, of course, thanks to OneWay2Freedom blog.

Do you like the idea and would you like to share your impressions with us? Write a few words in the comment.
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  • christine

    cool idea!!!

    • Ewelina&Marco

      Thanks Christine! Hope you will be visiting us more often to find about more about people stories!

  • Laura

    I’m not sure I completely understand what the project actually is, but it sounds a little like pen pals. I think that could be an interesting idea.

    • Ewelina&Marco

      Laura it is kind of pen pals,but our aim is to tell about people that we meet during our adventure.

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