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Sand, clear water and sand again.

What was our idea of Jericoacoara? Actually, there wasn’t any. We came from Parnaíba by bus and jeeps reaching this little village. We got off and what did we see? Everywhere sand – no asphalt, you can walk there barefoot. Dozens of buildings, including shops, restaurants, travel agencies, hostels and guest houses, even the gym.
Apparently the village, but the search for our host took us some time, we felt like lost in space. There are no names of the streets and numbering of buildings is random, because the owners indicate their homes according to their preferences, you find number 11 and the the one next to has number 255 – very logical, right?


Jericoacoara (called Jeri) is a fisherman village and windsurfing, kite surfing mecca in the state of Ceara, Brazil, distant 300 kilometers from Fortaleza (one of the largest cities in the north of the country). Even 20 years ago in this village, there were no roads (of course forget about asflath), there was no electricity, television or telephones. Since 2002 the territory was declared as the UNESCO National Park. Currently it is inhabited by both Brazilians and many foreigners who come for a few days and after a while they decide to stay forever.

Beach in Jericoacoara.jpg


There are several ways, it depends from where.

Parnaíba -Jericoacoara
1.Parnaíba-Camocin> Bus GUANABARA – a comfortable ride, price: around 22 R$.
2. Camocim – Jijoca> Bus Fretcar, price: about 15 R$.
3. Jijoca – Jericoacoara> Bus Fretcar, price: about 15 R$ or random truck at a similar price (we recommend haggling, but without Portuguese language won’t be that easy).
1. Jericoacoara – Jijoca> Bus Fretcar, price: approx. 15 R$ or random truck at a similar price (we recommend haggling, but without Portuguese language won’t be that easy).
2. Jijoca – Fortaleza> Bus Fretcar, price: approx. 30 R$ (better to buy earlier).


1. Lagoa Paraíso

Our #top of Brazil so far. To get to the lagoon, you need to haggle with local drivers of jeeps or trucks. The ride takes 30 minutes each way and costs about 15 R$ (normally if you haggle you can reach even the price of 10 R$, especially if you organize/find a large group).
Over the lagoon we spent 5-6 hours. A wonderful time in the company of Couchsurfer Angel from Spain, which currently is living in Sao Paolo and working as a mathematics teacher at the bilingual school. Several people on the beach, silence, strong wind and so gorgeous water. Apparently, this lagoon exists because of the rain. We had a walk, jumped into the water, took photos and did admired donkeys. An awesome chillout!



Surfer Jericoacoara.jpg

Lagoa do paraiso.jpg

Couchsurfing people.jpg


2. Pedra Furada

Distinctive symbol of Jericoacoara. Rock arch. There are several paths leading to this place. One of them leads through the Serrote hill. You can start your hiking 2 hours before sunrise. We were admiring wonderful colors and views during the hiking.
Our trip was varied strong winds, but we managed it!

Pedra Furada.jpg


3. Lagoa Azul

The place that is very similar to Lagoa do Paraiso. White sand, clear water, hammocks and relax. We have just skipped this trip to not repeat the same activity.


1. Windsurfing and kite surfing

Something for the same soul mate. Wind, beautiful beaches, clear water and plenty of water sports stations, where you can rent equipment.

2. Buggy tour

You rent buggy for the whole day and you ride one’s fill. The fun riding sand roads is ensured!

3. Capoeira

Groups meet at the main beach before sunset. You can also sign up for a morning or afternoon classes.

4. Sunset

What is true, on the main beach and dunes is quite presses, but the “show” is worthy of sacrifice up to 30 minutes. You can also go to other parts of the coast, to hide from the crowd and taste some privacy.



5. Nightlife

Always and everywhere. In the central part of the village there are many pubs and bars with live music: reggae or electronic music, everyone will find something what likes. During the concerts, entrance usually costs: 10-15 R$. Some hostels also organize open events for travelers.

Time that we spent in Jeri is a wonderful memory and we made ghere great friendships. At the home of our host we met people from Argentina, Colombia and Spain, who are waiting for us in their countries. Perhaps some of them will meet on the road.


The village lives its own pace, a lot of young people escpaing from polluted cities, who enjoy the moment and enjoy the benefits of nature, while meeting their sports passion.


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