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Iguazu Falls is a dream within a dream, which you have to experience once. We guess the second time won’t be the same. Sometimes we don’t think how nature can be spectacular, what it is capable of and what impressions can bring ….

wodospad iguazu

miracle of nature

We are not used to reviewing hundreds of guides or reading what Mr Smith thinks about a place …usually we don’t believe in everything what has been suggested till we won’t experience it ourselves.



We haven’t anticipated any feelings, like ‘wow’ or so, because we didn’t want to be disappointed. There are some places in the world (even if in recent years the interest of visiting them is increasing and they become very touristic once), that you need to see them at least once in your life!

In Brazil, we focused on the coast what means we have crossed thousands kilometers, visiting the most wonderful beaches from the north to the south, but Iguazu was one of the highlights of our three-month Brazilian adventure and because of it, we were going for several hours by night bus from Saõ Paolo, which, moreover, got stuck among the fields-in the middle of nowhere, because the engine has broken (it’s so normal in Brazil).

butterfly iguazu


Iguazu Falls surrounded by natural parks, located on the border between two countriesBrazil and Argentina, they are not similar at all to each other.
You may say that between these two countries there is a kind of competition entitled: “Which part of the waterfall is better, Brazilian or Argentinan? Which has more to offer?”. This is not an easy answer, it’s like two different worlds that you have to see for yourself.


On the first day, after a battle with lovely broken bus we managed to visit the Brazilian part. Gabi, a girl from Foz do Iguaçu, who hosted us, gave us a lift to the main entrance of the waterfalls. From the main bus terminal in the city center there is a bus that goes to the Iguazu, averagely every 30 minutes, we actually came back by bus (the trip by bus lasts about 35 minutes).

The cost of admission to the park was 56 R$ (in January 2016). If you would like to go on safari trips, dedicate one day and prepare your pocket, they are not the low-cost attractions, but thanks to them definitely you get closer to nature, admiring the toucans, crocodiles or other animals.

prices iguacu

ticket office iguacu

map of park of iguacu

Once you have a ticket, head to the entrance and take the bus. Get to the second to last stop, from where you will take the trail to reach the main waterfall. Along the way you will have many viewpoints with smaller waterfalls, which make you impressed and even then you are not aware of what awaits you, so usually you will be taking a lot of pictures (P.S. charge your camera and better if you take a waterproof cover for your camera 🙂 ).

On the the Brazilian side you can spend 3 hours, plus about one hour to get there (return). And during the second half of the day you can chillout in a hostel, hotel or simply explore the suburbs of Foz do Iguaçu, which also seem to be interesting. You can always organize your next day to Argentina (necessarily plan a whole day!).

Once we got to the main bridge and saw a lot of water, we were smiling and enjoying as children and couldn’t take our eyes off it… Even the crowd didn’t bother me. Some people were buying lovely plastic rain coat, but why!? Feel the cold, feel the element. If you are lucky to enjoy sunny weather, you will see a rainbow!

The area of the Brazilian waterfalls is only 20% of … the rest belongs to Argentina …

waterfall iguacu

view of iguacu

rainbow iguazu

national park iguazu

wet we and iguazu

wodospady iguazu

alot water in iguazu



It’s a different world. There are several ways to reach the Argentinian side of the Iguazu and to get there it takes over 1 hour:

1. Bus with changes (you will find the bus stop in the center of Foz do Iguaçu, near the main terminal). We advise you also get off at the border of both the Brazilian and Argentinian side to get a stamp in the passport which confirms that you left the country, then, that you entered the territory of Argentina (on the way back follow the same steps). It is logical, right? Probably yes, but not for everyone. During the trip we met a few people who didn’t do it, because the bus driver said that this is not necessary. However, we preferred not to risk to not have any problems leaving Brazil, so do not listen to a random driver of the bus and follow simple rules, even if you lose an hour for the transfers.

2. Bus + taxi – the cost comes out the same (or cheaper) as the first option. So you get to the Argentinian border and from there you take a taxi (share the cost with a few people), there are many backpackers and families going to the same place, so there will be no problem to find a companion. We did so both going to Iguaçu Falls, and on the way back. Just talk to 2-3 people. This way you will save some time, and you know what, after crossing the border a few kilometeres further you arrive in the bus stop, where you should change the bus to get to the destination. It goes every hours and the price is not that low.

On the Argentinian side the ticket is more expensive than in Brazil. Cost: 260 pesos (in January 2016).

Of course, here you can benefit the offers of safari tours, although this is not necessary, because there are three routes that will lead you to the beautiful landscapes. Argentinian part has a lot to offer and the nature’s beauty is breathtaking. Beautiful waterfalls, animals around: monkeys, birds, butterflies, coatis.

spider iguazu


bird iguazu

crocodile iguacu

flowers iguazu

butterflies iguacu

plants iguazu

NOTE: Coatis attack! I fall the victim to them, fortunately everything ended well. They look so dove-eyed, people feed them, but they aren’t really aware of the greed of these animals and other consequences. In our case, the story was a bit different. When I was walking towards the train station, coatis ran out from the bushes and were coming onto me. First one, then the other, no wonder … the intensive smell of bananas, which were in a plastic bag that I was holding. I raised my hand, but one coati jumped and yanked the bag, the rest of them ran up, and all pulled the bag. I didn’t know what to do, so I left the bag and ran away …I hadn’t experienced such a situation before. Therefore, be careful!


Each view of the Argentinian side of the Iguazu Falls was beautiful. We enjoyed all three routes, despite the high temperature that day.

gardziel diablo argentyna

One of the most important point is Garganta del Diablo, which you can reach taking the stepping stone, which seems to be a long bridge.

bridge iguazu

When you see the element of spinning water like a copper of hot water, you become stoned for a few seconds, wondering: ‘What’s going on in here?’. It is so huge that no single word can describe what you observe. Water is everywhere, especially in the months from October to the end of March (during this period even more). Free refreshing waterfall shower is included in the ticket price :-).

diablo iguazu

diablo falls iguazu

On this side there are no buses, but there are small trains, the sooner you get to the gates of this side, better for you, you avoid long queues to the train during peak hours.


Iguazu Falls is not a cheap attraction. Prices are rising from year to year. But once you are in Brazil, you need to go there! Once in a lifetime you have to feel the chill of miracles. It’s like a magnificent spectacle of nature that plays according to their own rhythms.

panorama iguazu

Hostels in Foz do Iguaçu are not expensive, the average price for 1 night is about 30 R$/person.

But we were lucky, and thus we had the pleasure to spend time with Gabi, her family and their dogs – and it’s all thanks to the great people who we meet during our adventure!

Nature can surprise, and at the same time makes a unique impression – it is just priceless. IGUAZU!

miracle nature

freedom iguaçu

We hope you found this post very useful and you would like to share your impressions with us? Are you curious how our adventure is going on? Write a few words in the comment!

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