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This is the second edition of our own project.

The stories of two young men. One lives with his mother and brothers, the other with a friend in a tiny apartment in the fishermen village.


Urocza Parnaiba

He works in a travel agency, so simply saying he is a tours seller. In his house we spent two nights. We met his family: mother, brothers and cousins. Once again we had a chance to see how the Brazilian family lives, this time much bigger one. At Ravan’s home from time to time there appeared someone new, so at some point we were lost of who was who. Why did we underline saying a big family? At his home there are dogs, chickens, hens, it looks like a small farm. Cosy place to catch a breath. After our quite long trip to the aim, normally full of adventures, Ravan’s mother took care of us and prepared lunch for us – very nice of her. Ravan and his family are very humble people, both in behavior and way of life. Ravan’s dream is traveling around Europe. Lately he has been thinking intensively about it. We wish it to him. He has never left his country, and so it might be for him like discovery the new world. Ravan accomplishes his aims – he is learning English, he is aware that languages give many opportunities. He is a good guide too, he showed us some interesting places in the area of Parnaíba, telling some anecdotes. We were able to also meet with his English teacher Leandro, with whom we contacted through Couchsurfing and eventually it turned out that he knows our host. All together we spent a great evening, exchanging experiences and screwing the next trips, in a quiet charming Parnaiba, which is extremely different from the previous towns we visited that were killing us with their crowd and noise.

Dreams do not cost anything, do they?

Motto Ravana


Rajska wioska

We truely admit that Cezar is a great chilled guy in shorts, from whom you feel a lot of positive energy, and who knows what he wants from life. A few years ago he quited his job in a corporation in São Paolo, where, moreover, he originally comes from. He knows he made the right decision by which he felt freedom. He freed himself from the chaotic, a powerful business center of South America. He left to Europe and spent there lovely year. He settled in Dublin, and by the way he also had a chance to visit several European cities. This trip opened his eyes to the world and he realized how important is enjoying our life, and how many opportunities there are to make dreams come true. He is currently living in Jericoacoara – Brazilian paradise, where at the beginning he used to work in a hostel as a volunteer through Work Away. Jeri stopped him for longer, so he rented apartment and there he can lead a quiet, stress-free life, not counting the time (well happy people don’t count time at all). At the present he is working with his friend Fabio on a business connected with telescopes – a great thing. Because of them we could admire the moon and a several planets. During the day Cezar can relax on paradise beaches and keep his fit. In his house we met wonderful people – Couchsurfers from different countries. Despite the fact that his apartment is tiny, it is open to everyone. We slept on comfy hammocks, spent marvelous evenings all together, having Polish and Italian national dinners and exchanging our travel experiences. Cezar is a great listener, and thus he is so passionate about Europe. He is about planning his new trip and return to the European atmosphere. Where? He doesn’t know yet. We keep our fingers crossed for him and we wish him a great experience!

And what is his opinion about human life?

Motto Cezara

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