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Brazilian cuisine p.1

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Coming to South America we did not have any expectations for their traditional cuisine. We didn’t search for thousands of websites to find delicious dishes. Sometimes it’s better to be pleasantly disappointed. Our first stop – Brazil. The first weeks we spent in the northern part of this huge country (distance to pass traveling surprises you).
As it turns out, their national cuisine was influenced by a number of European countries in conjunction with the African and Indian culinary traditions.


Our first dish that we tried was TAPIOCA. So what is it?
This is a gluten-free plait made by cassava, like a standard white flour at a glance. It is often used in the kitchen and you can prepare it in many ways – as a dish. In Brazil, it is widely used especially for preparation of dishes of flat breads, crackers, cakes (tortillas), snacks and even desserts.
Preparation of the plate named tapioca is extremely simple:
– put tapioca on a good quality pan,
– roast it for 2-3 minutes, turning to the other side,
– in the middle of the cake put some cheese (a tasty goat), which melts when heated up
– you can also add dried meat (carne do sol) in small pieces or eat a sweet one with coconut or caramel.
Just be treated with a little imagination and combination with some ingridients.
Here are the photos of tapioca, which we tried and street food sales:


Worth to try is MACAXEIRA, which seems to be french fries. It looks very tasty and not fat as mentioned potato chips. This thin pieces of cassava’s root are prepared in the oven or fried, but they taste much better than junk food like e.g. chips from Mc Donald’s.
Brazilians often eat rice, also as an additive to meat or fried pasta. A typical dish in combination with beans (which is the main ingredient in their dishes) is BÃIO DE DOIS. A simple dish: rice and beans, which is consumed by the most of Brazilian families.
We cannot forget about grilled meat, like steaks, shishkebab at many stations, parking or less tourist spots, which, moreover, is really very tasty. And thus, we need to mention about fried crabs and shrimps.
The most important is FAROFA – another type of flour-based on cassava’s root served with eggs, onion, bacon, etc.


Brazilians like to indulge themselves, therefore, in the form of BRIGADEIRO served as a chocolate dessert – calories cake based on condensed milk, chocolate powder, and possibly some butter. Sounds yummy, although we can’t say it is the light dessert. Served the cold and heat one, up to your preferences.


And for a second dessert they recommend so Romeo and Juliet GOIABADA com QUEIJO. Queijo is a type of cheese, gioiabada – fruit, in this case in the form of jelly.


The taste is not an issue to talk about, but the most we liked: tapioca, grilled meat and macaxeira.
Stay tuned our adventures on the FB fan page. Soon more about Brazilian cuisine. If you have any questions, write to us: contact@oneway2freedom.com.

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  • Monica

    I think of Brazilian cuisine as rice and beans cuisine and I nothing more comes up – it’s because I haven’t been to Brazil yet, but one day I’ll get there and I try everything you’re writing about!

    • OW2F

      Monica, definitely you need to try! Stay tuned, soon another part of Brazilian food. 🙂

  • Karol Werner

    Jakoś nie wiem czy bym się przemógł do tych krabów…

    • Ewelina&Marco

      No tak, widok sam mówi za siebie 🙂

  • Hanging around in Asia

    I won’t miss then the Brazilian Tapioca and MACAXEIRA – haven’t heard about the second one. How about the lighter dishes like mixed veggies? Do they have any?

    • OW2F

      Well, you will find them of course, there are many like rice mixed with vegetables, but also many vegan places to eat except those common with meat 🙂

  • Tatiana

    I guess, reading this post right before midnight wasn’t the best idea ever. I am hungry – thank you 🙂 Please grilled meat with beans and chocolate dessert x 2 😀 Waiting for the next part!

    • OW2F

      Yeah, we can imagine it! Stay tuned! Next part soon!

  • Za miedzą i dalej

    I never been in Brasil (and never ate brasilian food), but I’m hungry after reading this post! I must eating some brasilian food (and I’m waiting for next post about food) 🙂

    • OW2F

      Well, Brazilian food is not delicious as Mexican food is, but still different tastes! 🙂

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