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Alcântara – a trip full of emotions

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If there is still with us Brazilian armosphere, particularly of the northern part, about Fortaleza we have already written, it came time for a story from Alcantara – a tiny village, located only a few kilometers (overseas) from São Luis.

As always we were very relaxed, so we left for a day trip. Wake-up at 6 am, small backpack prepared, smile on our faces as always! Catamaran trip – everything will be all right, because it looked very inconspicuously. Just a pity that we didn’t predict 6-meter waves in the middle of the ocean.


Boats or catamarans to Alcântara leave every morning between 7.00 and 8.30 am – the timetable is not permanent, so you may want to find out the day before. Departure is from stationary boat close to the central terminal, near the Old Town of São Luis. The boat ticket costs 15 R$ one way. Earlier be sure, what time is the return – once you miss it, you wait 24 hours to go back to São Luis.

Why catamaran trip? Unfortunately there is no road that will lead you to Alcântara within 1 hour – catamaran trip lasts from 1 h to 1.5 h (it depens on how calm the ocean is), such a pleasure to get there by car will last minimum 3 h. So there is no big choice.

We came to a place where you can catch a boat. We bought tickets. A man came to us and said something in Portuguese, but it was hard to understand, we could only guess, so we followed him. We got into the van, sat right beside him in the front seats and we were off to another beach, from which we left. At the previous place we supposed to leave the level of the water was very low as it turned out.

We got to the beach, of course I was taking hundreds of pics, Marco called me: “Busia, c’mon vieni qua” (Busia, c’mon, come here). The idea was to take a good seat. None of us did realize what awaited us in front of the catamaran, in the middle of the ocean :-). And what happened? We were wet a bit, I would even say soaking wet! Morning shower ticked, all wet, salty … even our small equipment had to be rescued, but a good humor never left us! Because there’s nothing like laughter from our own stupidity. We moved to the top of the catamaran, closer to the mast, but maintaining the balance at this point, when the waves reach 6 meters is not the easiest challenge, therefore we did morning gymnastics too. As the Brazilian woman, who ws sitting next to us said: “The way full of emotions.”, Oh yes, definitely emotions accompanied us.

We got to our aim. At first sight, the village seemed the place where time has stopped. Emptiness, roads paved by stone, colored houses, lots of greenery around and you can hear the music coming out of the houses.

And who would have ever thought that hundreds of years ago it was one of the reachest town in the state of Maranhão. Currently, the economy of this town is based on tourism and fishing.


Praça da Matriz square, which is surrounded by colonial buildings, and at in its center there is a monument called Pelourinho (Pillory), the ruins of the church Igreja de Sao Matias and wonderful trees that give character to this place.

Walking around, everyone will find something for themselves. Beautiful churches, charming cafes, street vendors, who gave us bananas for free. Take a close look at how they live and how their lifestyle is.

You will also find the Space-Air Museum (free entrance). It was a great surprise to find this place, because we had no clue it exists overthere. The Alcântara Space Launch Center is located 7 km from the town.

If you are going to São Luis, a trip to Alcânatara is must-do. It enthused us, particularly the pace of life and beautiful colonial buildings. Not without reason is inscribed on the National Heritage List.

You can always stay there for longer and visit the nearby deserted beaches, and thus try canoeing.

In this village we spent about 5 hours, the return trip was much calmer, and thus we were wiser about one experience we had had before! Upfff …. 🙂

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  • travelling chingrita

    Wow, this looks fantastic!! So, quiet and peaceful looking!

    • Ewelina&Marco

      Thank you Dear! And exactly as you have written 🙂

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